To develop your better self you need to start with small things and I will give you some examples:

  • Don’t be interesting – be interested. Everyone would like to meet and talk with an interesting fellow, but if this person is genuinely curious about you, then you’ll be even more exited to talk with him. After a while there will be this memory in your head about this good experience even if you don’t remember the conversation.
  • Remember and do something for the special moments. If someone around you has a special occasion, even if he or she isn’t such a close friend, you have to do something exceptionally good for him/her. At first it will be strange for you and for the people around you. However, after a while, this behavior will be part of you and it will look so natural that no one will think of you as a weird guy and they will certainly desire your presence in their life. The better part here is that if you do this for your friends and family or for your significant other, it will elevate you in their eyes. You will become more important part of their life and that will improve your connection with them.
  • Always give your full attention. If you want to receive something you have to earn it. Give more than you receive and after a while all the people around you will feel they need to communicate with you. You have to be in the moment, no matter if a conversation is just for fun or it is one of the deepest discussions of all times. If you follow this basic advice, you will be the person of the greatest presence out there.
  • Find your hobbies and make a living out of them. You should do what you love instead of what makes the most money. If you pursue happiness, the Phoenician symbols aren’t the answer. They are the inevitable evil, but they aren’t the goal. If you are happy with what you do, then all the other stuff isn’t important. And yes, for some hobbies you need a lot of money but there is always a way to succeed with this. Think about it and you’ll find a way. If not – share your case in the comments and we will find the way together.
  • Try something different with your date, especially if this is the first one. That other person already has a lot of experience with awkward dinners and drinks in local bars. Try something that she will remember and will talk about with her friends. The most important part is to exceed her expectations.
  • Learn this and that about wine. It’s not about knowing everything, it’s just to stay classy while ordering a bottle, with your better half. This is a good quality for a decent gentleman.
  • Get rid of excuses. Your better self is on the line! You can think of an excuse for everything, I’m sure about that! But that is not cool. It is just escaping from your duties. In many cases you will have an excuse not to go to some event and this will be one of your biggest mistakes. You have to be with your current and potential new friends. This point isn’t only for some friends’ related stuff. If you have some responsibilities, just do it and don’t be that kind of guy who have excuse about everything.
  • Smile more. This is a simple, but hard one. We are all made to smile, however a lot of us don’t do that. It’s a problem because with your smile you show to the others what kind of a person you are. That grumpy guy in the corner who hates everything? Here is a secret – nobody likes him. Your other choice is to be friendly and with a smile on your face. Then your chances to be part of the group and even the life and soul of the party are bigger than ever.

Find your hobbies and make a living out of them. (Tweet it!)

All these points are just the tip of the iceberg for you to be happier and you have to develop them over time. It’s for you, it’s for your better self! You will be more successful! Moreover, all the people around you will like you more.

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