Here I will write about some of my belongings which make my everyday routine a better experience. I’m sure that not everything will suit you exactly but you can take an idea or two for the direction to improve your interior decisions for better life.

Here is the list for a better life:

  • The first and my favorite from this list is my bar cart. And no I’m not an alcoholic but I love to pour a glass of wine every now and then, or a whole round of drinks for my guests. It is very convenient to do that from a bar cart and that is a good topic to start the conversation when new people are coming in my place.
  • The second one is a huge red beanbag. This was a present for my birthday last year and since that day is my favorite place to sit on, for browsing the internet or writing for the blog. Every time when we throw a party at home my beanbag is in the action and everybody likes it. Big red example for a better life!
  • Beverage coasters. This is the must have in addition to the bar cart. I’m using cork coasters from Ikea for the morning coffee and those made from volcanic stone for the evenings. I’m a little bit of a maniac for the interior details but you get my point – just use what you love for both occasions.
  • Cozy pillows and a blanket. Yes, I love these stuff even when a lot of people will say that all of them are for the girls. You can be pretty sure that when you invite a date at your place she will be more comfortable with two or three pillows on the sofa. Other bonus is that the pillows can be a great extension to your interior and the blanket is for the romantic moments with your significant other. Her feet shouldn’t be cold in the winter.

When your special one is at your place there is nothing more appropriate than a nice set of candles. (Tweet it!)

  • When your special one is at your place there is nothing more appropriate than a nice set of candles. I’m using these little tea candles in nice glass holders and the accent is on the big one from H&M Home – an aroma candle in a dark glass jar with a scent of Sandalwood. Very stylish and enriching for the whole feeling in the room.
  • The sixth thing is a good lighting. Believe me, if you are with this special girl on the coach and the music is on and everything is set but the light isn’t right, all the good mood will go away. My personal favorite is Hektar lamp from Ikea but you can use every statement lighting piece you want.
  • And for the morning after – a good coffee! I’m a big fan of the coffee and it is a must in my kitchen. Just imagine the moment when she takes the cup with two hands and smells the coffee in it while both of you are looking through the window – there is something magical in that.
  • All the other possessions was dedicated to the good moments with the mates or with your significant other but if you want to be able to have these things you have to work hard. Because of that I have a good dedicated place for work and I recommend it to you too. It isn’t important what exactly is your job but if you like it, you have to be able to do it from your home. If this is impossible you can use this work station for some of your hobbies or creative moments. It is better to have this one place than working on the kitchen table or on the floor. Your spine will thank you later, believe me.

These are some of my favorite things at my home and I’m sure that you have something to add to the “better life” list. Please share it in the comments.

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