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My first post is here and this is only the beginning! This blog is about Lifestyle Design and specially for you. Every time when you have some ideas or advises – just let me know and I will do my best!

One of the things that I want to write about in this blog is Lifestyle Design.
This topic is really strange for some people but I find it very interesting and helpful for me and possibly for you.

First to explain what is this animal “Lifestyle Design”?

When you do something to improve your whole life it’s a part of this. If all your efforts are simply to have some expensive toys, like the new Playstation 4 Pro or the newest iPhone, this will not be enough to make you more interesting or successful (as these are key pillars of improvement). The main target of Lifestyle Design is to develop “you”, your mindset and the whole frame that you are using to look trough the world. When you improve something in your worldview, it helps you seeing a clearer picture of the whole “you”. If you do that, all the people around you will notice the change and with time they will accept it and like it. But the better part here is that when you meet new people they will see only your new self without all the flaws from the past.

In this way you will become more interesting to everybody and you will have more exciting topics to talk about.

The general idea of Lifestyle Design is something like this:

 Travel more, experience new things, talk about ideas, not people and be happy with what you have now, live without envy. (Tweet it!)

I will write about the topic every now and then and we will grow together, in this big game called life!

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