After this post about annoying things in men, now it’s time to tell you what the girls said about this one – “How to impress her?”. The responses varied but all of them revolved around the same old fashioned but still very important things like a sense of humor, confidence and gentleman’s behavior. Here are the three tips I’ve found through their answers.

You have to be a confident gentleman with a sense of humor. (Tweet it!)

How to impress her:




  • The first tip is that you have to find out some kind of experience (not material) which is totally new. Or something which she likes but you try to introduce it in a different way. If it’s a new one you have to know that she will love it, or at least won’t scare her. If you do your homework you should know what she likes. The key part here is what she likes, not what you like. Ask her, ask her friends or just improvise but with caution. If you improvise you should know her type and at least the basic preferences she has for happenings in her life.

    You need some ideas – take her to a picnic. Maybe in the livingroom on the floor. (Tweet it!)

  • The second tip is to be genuine with her. If you just want to sleep with her – this blog isn’t for you. But if you want a good relationship and to grow yourself this will help – just be you. Not that creepy guys who stares but doesn’t have the courage to speak with her even for two minutes. Not that infant boy who thinks only for the next prank with his fellas. By genuine I mean not to introduce yourself as someone who you are not. Think about that – if you are lying about your personality, how much time you’ll be able to wear this mask? A week? A month? Just be you. Your better self with some goals in mind. Pursuing the happiness and success. Be a good person for everybody, not only for her. She will notice that – women has this super powers to know if you are not genuine.
  • If you follow these tips from above there is a chance you trying too hard. Don’t do that! Trying too hard is one of the biggest mistakes you can make with a girl. Think about my words and use only that part from the advices that suits you. It is not necessary to do anything but think about that: you can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results. It’s just impossible. This means that if you want to succeed you should change something in you, something in your behavior, maybe in your style. It is a hard path but this is the one which will change you from boy to man. In a lot of situations the girl of your dreams will notice your efforts to impress her. If these efforts aren’t genuine she will think of you as a creepy or maybe in the best case for the nice guy who can be her best friend. Of course in this case you can’t touch her and your relationship with her is only a wet dream.

You can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results. (Tweet it!)

I’m sorry guys but if you are this “best friend” the chances to “evolve” into something more are as low as the temperatures in Antarctica. Maybe the last sentence will discourage some of you but don’t forget that you can achieve everything if you work hard for it!

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